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2009/03/03 21:28:53
A few years ago I'd have to pay soomene for this information.
2012/04/30 14:55:44
Super jzaezd about getting that know-how.
2012/04/30 15:04:41
You've really helped me undesratnd the issues. Thanks.
2012/05/01 11:44:20
Fell out of bed fleeing down. This has brightened my day!
2012/05/03 14:40:25
Whoa, things just got a whole lot eaiser.
2012/05/03 16:51:56
And to think I was going to talk to someone in peosrn about this.
2012/09/30 00:27:43
That's a brilliant answer to an itnreesntig question
2012/09/30 05:34:51
I'm really into it, tanhks for this great stuff!
2012/09/30 05:52:16
You got to push it-this esesntail info that is!
2012/10/02 10:58:00
Well done to think of sohteming like that
2015/07/15 17:53:45
Going to put this arclite to good use now.
2015/07/16 01:34:52
I recently read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, it’s about the woman from whom HeLa cells came from. The first human cell line grown in the lab. It’s a look into her life in the 50s and the lives of some of her children up to today. I read it on my way back from England this month and encountered a few people in the airports along the way who were or had read it, and found their thoughts on the book really intetesring, although as a scientist, I felt some were a bit misguided.
2016/05/17 16:29:34
in the video), and through speech recognition technology we'll turn it into sycnnrohized captions. Timing is the toughest part of creating captions, but now this should be much easier. The technology works best for videos with good sound quality and clear spoken English.
2016/12/25 14:53:11

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